COUNTRY: Germany

Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V.

“Evaluation of the project ‘Aktion LebensLäufe’”



In 1996, the national project "Aktion LebensLäufe" was initiated by the Deutsche Welthungerhilfe in cooperation with the DLV (Deutscher Leichtathletik Verband). The project works towards fundraising and achieving solidarity through sports in schools, associations and institutions. Each year, four projects from the “Welthungerhilfe” (World Hunger Programme) in developing countries are selected which follow the principle of "helping people to help themselves". Schools or other interested parties (kindergartens, sports associations, etc.), who participate in the project “LebensLäufe", can choose to donate the funds raised though "LebensLäufe” directly to one of these projects. Through participation in the “LebensLäufe" experience, people, particularly children and young people, can see that they can actively contribute to the global community and have a positive effect on people’s lives and according to the motto: ‘think globally , act locally’.

Project Aim

AGEG consultants were responsible for the programme evaluation on behalf of the Welthungerhilfe. The aim of the evaluation was to identify whether the objectives of the project “LebensLäufe” had been achieved and to evaluate potential room for improvement of the program "LebensLäufe" to strengthen and enhance the programme.

Services Provided:

AGEG Tourism for Sustainability Consulting implemented the following measures:

  • Conceptualisation of evaluation and practical methods
  • Creation of an evaluation report according to DAC criteria and the standards of DeGEval
  • Development of strategic recommendations for its practical implementation
  • Surveying target groups through questionnaires