COUNTRY: Usbekistan

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

„ Support sustainable economic development in selected regions of Uzbekistan “



Uzbekistan is one of the fastest-growing countries in Central Asia, and its tourism represents an important source of income. As a well-established cultural tourism destination, it already has a competitive advantage over other countries in the region. Cultural tourism has always been, and will probably remain, the main pillar of tourism in Uzbekistan. However, what’s missing is an integral approach for the development of sustainable tourism alternatives like trekking and adventure tourism and a coherent sustainable tourism strategy on national level.

Project Aim

The overall objective of the project is to access and evaluate potential opportunities and challenges potential for sustainable tourism development in Uzbekistan.

Services Provided

AGEG Consultants developed the following measures:

Desktop research and assessment of:

  • General information on tourism activities and programmes in Uzbekistan
  • Regional programmes on tourism development
  • Strategic plans
  • Programmes on Capacity building and education