Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

„Mid Term Review of the Project Curriculum & Teaching Materials Development – Hotel & Tourism Management and Training Institute (RITH)“



Tourism is one of the main contributors to Bhutan’s national budget and the development priorities envisaged job opportunities and increasing high quality, low-impact tourism in Bhutan. In 2005, a project was initiated with the aim of strengthening the tourism sector by providing training at international standards and by increasing quality tourism services through the establishment of a hotel and Training management institute, later renamed the ‘Royal Institute for Tourism and Hospitality’ (RITH). In cooperation with the ADA, the Royal Government of Bhutan established a “state of the art” training and capacity building institute.

Project Aim

The ‘Mid-term Review‘, entailed an evaluation of the extent to which the original project objectives had been achieved in the six years since project commencement and an analysis of whether the current objectives need to be adjusted considering developments in tourism industry in Bhutan and the region.

Services Provided

AGEG Consultants developed the following measures:

  • Analysis, evaluation and appraisal of the ongoing programme using through the OECD-DAC-Evaluation-Standard
  • Participatory stakeholder workshops
  • Development of strategy recommendations towards the successful continuation of the project