Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP) Cairo

„Green Growth – Green Star goes politics: Consulting in the framework of the Private Sector Development Programme (PSDP)”



Even with a decline in incoming visitor numbers, tourism is still one of the largest economic sectors in Egypt. At the forefront of the Egyptian tourism industry is mass tourism, with many large resorts along the coast. Cultural and desert tourism have a far lesser market share. A flourishing tourism industry generates local employment and revenue, but also threatens natural resources (e.g. coral and sea-life) and reinforces existing environmental problems, such as inadequate waste and water management systems. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism is aware of this conflict between ecology and economy and increasingly moves towards ‘Green Tourism’. The Ministry of Tourism already established a green unit, but what’s still missing is “know-how” on sustainable tourism practices.

Project Aim

The Ministry of Tourism, supported by the GIZ, aims to develop a strategic master plan for leading ‘green growth’ in the tourism industry and the development of long-term strategies for implementation within the different sectors

Services Provided

AGEG Consultants carried out the following measures:

  • Participative development of a draft strategy and implementation for ‘Green Growth’ in the Egyptian tourism industry for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
  • Participatory High Level Workshops with participants of Egyptian tourism organisations (the Ministry, national tourism organisations, NGOs, etc.)