COUNTRY: Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

„Technical Assistance for the Mountain Tourism Project ‘Peaks of the Balkans’”



The population of the mountain triangle of Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo is amongst the poorest in the entire region. Missing employment opportunities and perspectives force the region’s younger population to leave their villages in order to find employment in urban areas and abroad. Even though the almost undiscovered, attractive, breathtaking landscape shows potential for mountain tourism the region forces a growing process of abandonment. Within the framework of Open Regional Fund (ORF) for Southern Europe, the GIZ supports local and national tourism organisations, hiking clubs and municipalities through the implementation of the project: “Cross-border development of mountain tourism in the border triangle of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro” to enhance mountain tourism development in the region. A transnational hiking trail – connecting the countries – shall become the backbone for sustainable tourism development in the region.

Project Aim

The overall objective is to commonly identify, establish, signpost and mark the so called “Peaks of the Balkans Trail”. Within a participatory planning process with key stakeholders, the framework conditions shall be developed: cross border procedures, trail maintenance, etc.

Services Provided

AGEG Consultants carried out the following measures:

  • Technical implementation advice throughout the project
  • Technical advice and process consulting for steering group meetings, workshops
  • Development and implementation of a promotion and marketing strategy
    - Promotion plan
    - Press releases and contacts
    - Creation of a local webplatform
    - Creation of a ‘Peaks of the Balkans’ hiking map
    - ‘Peaks of the Balkans’ promotional material (flyers, PowerPoints, picture galleries, etc. )