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Sustainable Hotels and Tourism Destinations in Egypt – Green Star Hotel Initiative (GSHI) PPP Strategic Alliance – Phase III



The successful development of an environmentally-friendly, sustainability project tailored for the Egyptian hotel industry was the first step in the development of a sustainable hotel and resort management in Egypt. The ‘Green Star Hotel Initiative’ was successfully introduced into the top tourism destinations on the Red Sea (e.g. Hurghada, Madinat Makadi), Sinai (e.g. Sharm el Sheikh, Taba), the Nile Delta (Luxor) and on the Mediterranean coast (e.g. Alexandria). However, it’s crucial to establish a sustainable institutional framework on a national level, in order to implement the Green Star Hotel programme as a nationally and internationally recognised eco-certification and capacity building system for the Egyptian hotel sector. Furthermore, a professional management unit for the programme needs to be installed and equipped with the necessary instruments, tools and professional capacity.

Project Aim

To create institutional framework conditions for a national Green Star Hotel eco-certification and capacity building system and to achieve international recognition through the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

Services Provided

AGEG Consultants carried out the following measure:

  • Overall coordination: strategic planning, development and coordination of a each phase of the project and through detailed plans
  • Technical supervision and implementation of project components
  • Coordination of project activities with private partners and other stakeholders (international actors in the tourism industry)
  • Management of the GSH-Programme (e.g. Info Point, webpage)
  • Organisation of events (steering committee meetings, partner forums, training, press conferences/promotional events, marketing campaign etc.)
  • Development, implementation and quality assurance of GSH information material and communication campaigns (newsletters, press conferences, website)