COUNTRY : Tunisia/Germany

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH – State Office Bavaria

Seminar: Sustainable Tourism– Examples of Success and Innovation for Entrepreneurs/Business Partners in the Tunisian Tourism Industry



In Tunisia, it was not only the Arab Spring that sought and fostered reorientation, but also the Tunisian tourism sector is searching for new ways, away from mass tourism and toward a sustainable, high-quality tourism, which focuses on cultural and natural diversity. In 2013, the Bavarian State Government along with the Republic of Tunisia signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen the common relationships. Furthermore, the theme of "Green Hotels - Ecotourism" was included in the action plan. Against this background, Tunisian companies from the tourism sector and representatives from Tunisian tourism authorities were invited to a seminar organized by the GIZ Bayern in the International Education and Encounter Centre in Feldafing to become acquainted with innovation and leading sustainable models of success from the Bavarian tourism industry.

Project Aim

The aim was to deepen the concept of sustainable tourism and to actively transfer this via the seminar participants from the tourism industry to the Tunisian tourism industry, which is currently at a turning point. For this purpose, success models from Bavarian tourism which are both economically viable as well as sustainable were to be presented, and the transferability to Tunisian tourism discussed in greater detail. In the seminar, Tunisian entrepreneurs and professionals were supposed to acquire knowledge, contacts and expertise in order to develop their businesses and organizations more sustainably in the long-term.

Services Provided

These measures were developed and conducted by the AGEG Tourism for Sustainability Consulting:

  • Development of the technical seminar concept
  • Selection and acquisition of relevant speakers and organisations
  • Selection and acquisition of innovative good practice examples
  • Professional facilitation and moderation of the seminar