COUNTRY: Germany

AGEG TFS and partners

The Munich Trail - experience munich by foot



Experience Munich on 113 km by foot with the Munich Trail (www.mü Together with committed partners (e.g. University of Applied Sience Munich, Community tourism programme), we have developed a type of "long-distance hiking trail" that connects Munich districts as a circuit with a "green belt" of Isar floodplain, parks and other hotspots. Even remote districts such as Feldmoching or Obermenzing are part of the Munich Trail (MT). This geographical equalization is intended to counteract "overtourism" in a targeted manner and to create an innovative, sustainable, climate-friendly tourism product through the approach of experiencing Munich by foot.

Project Aim

The Munich Trail aims to make the city more vibrant and to contribute to local value creation and increase the quality of life in the city. Small individual shops, traditional businesses and authentic hosts and guesthouses along the Trail Route are to become part of the Munich Trail platform and thus contribute to the diversity of the retail trade and tourist offer in the long term.

Services Provided

AGEG Tourism for Sustainability Consulting provided the following services:

  • Design of the overall project proposal concept (2018: airbnb community tourism awarded)
  • Elaboration of the technical project proposal, PPP budget and contribution model for public and private partners
  • Design of the first city trail, research and development of all the content description and narratives (storytelling), including research and curation of city experiences along the trail
  • Successful fundraising, project management and implementation since 2018