COUNTRY: Albania/ Germany

GIZ - lntegrated Sustainable Development of the Southern Coastal Region Programme

Organisation of the study visit to Germany, 17-20.06.2018, introduction to different models of DMOs


Albania's southern coast stands for extraordinary nature combined with cultural heritage, beautiful villages of traditional architecture, and overwhelming landscapes of the Ionian Sea. Primarily, due to these natural and cultural assets, the merge of the sea with the mountains and the abundance of village settlements dispersed in the landscape, the southern coastal region present substantial potential for a diversified tourism development. The Albanian government has identified the southern coastal region as one of the main priorities to enhance sustainable economic development and job creation through a diversified but sustainable tourism industry. GIZ is cooperating with the Albanian government to strengthen sustainable tourism in the southern coastal region of the country. This includes a diversification of tourism offers and the season among others, and as well contributing to urban conservation of the traditional settlements. One of the key working packages envisioned by the programme, is the institutionalization of tourism destination management. Currently there are no respective structure at regional level, very little of those structures at municipal level; only the national tourism agency has taken over some elements of destination management, however at very general levels. During a tailor-made study trip to Bavaria´s top tourism destinations a introduction to different DMO models should be given.

Project Aim

The objective of this assignment is the organisation of a study tour to the Bavaria region, where the participants will visit/learn how Destination Management Organisations (DMO) are structured and functioning, their tasks and responsibilities and interaction between different level (municipal, regional, state).

Services Provided

AGEG Tourism for Sustainability Consulting provided the following services:

  • Research and identification of up to 3 suitable tourist destination management organiza­tions in the German Alpine region.
  • Plan, organize and develop the concept of the technical program.
  • Organization of subject-relevant framework program items (eg visit to a farm holiday farm) Development of a short PPT presentation with the highlights for the participants.
  • Moderation and professional guidance during the study trip
  • Creation of an illustrated final report, presenting and analyzing the different DMO models